About me.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth.

Living in Vermont with my husband and two yellow labs in a post and beam home we designed ourselves.  Designing fresh jewelry.  Growing flowers and vegetables. Traveling near and far.               

Designing through life.

My story started in northern Florida which means that my Southern roots are detected within 10 minutes of any conversation.  I grew up in the world of The Help (the book, not the movie) with our dear maid tending house while my mother worked as a gallery owner and fine art consultant in an age of stay-at-home moms.  Imagine a passion for contemporary art in northern Florida in the 60's!  My passion for color, design and fashion started at an early age.  I flew the coop to attend college in Oregon and became immersed in natural history to return only to become an obliging debutante.  After college, finding my partner and law school in Vermont, I stayed.