parsons x teen vogue my audience

as i wrap up the course on fashion media, i explored the statistics of my social media network.  first, let's say that "my social media network" is very small. you know how you feel when you've done the work and think you are ready to launch it to the world, but the plunge is hard to take? well, these days the plunge is an all out explosion and constant feeding onto the social media platforms.  I have tip-toed in with a small following of family and friends who usually "like" my posts within 8 hours or so of posting. To launch my social media world centered on my designs, i plan to "invite" my jewelry followers into this new world, but i'm just not sure if i have the stamina to feed this new world as my followers will deserve or newcomers will expect.  Let's just hope for the best and i'll be who I am.

the power of music - thank you, carole king

like most of us, music plays a big part in my life - it marks events, makes memories, changes moods, and pops in my head when i least expect it.  my sister and i had a recent adventure that lead to a musical moment.  visiting NYC to relive our memorable trips with our mother, we decided to attend a broadway show on the spur of the moment.  While riding in a cab, we saw a sign for "beautiful, the carole king musical."  We both grew up with carole king's tapestry and knew we would not be disappointed.  A few minutes later, we had tickets!  First, the story of carole king's early years as a professional songwriter was new news for both of us.  Did you know that carole king and her writing partner/husband Gerry Goffin wrote "one fine day" for the Chiffons and "the loco-motion" for Little Eva?  both teary-eyed after "you've got a friend," we knew that the songs of tapestry are part of our soul - the emotions, the memories of when we first heard these songs over 40 years ago are as raw and fresh as back then.  The ultimate revelation lay in the lyrics of "beautiful" - let's make this our everyday devotion:

You’ve got to get up every morning
With a smile on your face
And show the world all the love in your heart
The people gonna treat you better
You’re gonna find, yes you will
That you’re beautiful as you feel
— beautiful by carole king

parsons x teen vogue production standards

have you ever wondered why your closet is full of different sizes even though you haven't changed?  well, i took a trip to Macy's to try and understand.  I tried on lots of clothes in different sizes by different designers to find the ones that fit the best.  between tops, bottoms and outerwear, i found at least 3 numerical sizes that fit and a wide discrepancy between small, medium and large.  once i settled on the best fit, i tried on several pairs of five pocket jeans in the same size by different designers.  in the fashion industry, it is understood that designers follow a production standard with a 1/2 inch tolerance, but I was amazed at the differences in fit.  one pair had enough extra fabric to make another pair!  so what i learned is always try on different sizes and not to be surprised when the number isn't what i expect, just go with a good fit!!